Admission Open for session 2019-20 from Playway to Class XII (Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce & Arts) . Register your ward immediately.

Teaching followed in HRA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is interactive and experimented. The focus is on creating awareness in the students with experiences, so that they can apply it to the real life situations. Learning is facilitated through joint productive activities of the teachers and students. The teacher designs the instructional activities requiring student collaboration.
He/She participates with the students to strengthening learning activities.
The teachers organize students in groups such as mixed academic ability, language etc. to promote interaction among the students and with him/her.
The teacher as facilitator, monitor and support student collaboration.
The focus is particularly on the development of the language skill of the students, for that emphasis is put on the development of listening skill of the student.
The teacher encourages the students to talk about the familiar topics such as home/friends/surroundings etc. and through questioning eliciting information, probing and engaging the students in purposeful conversations.
Since one single method cannot be suitable for any school education, the teachers select best combination of various approaches to explain/evaluate the content area of the lesson related to different subject taught in the school.
To sum up teaching-learning happens through questioning, sharing ideas and knowledge, dialogue, group discussion and interactive sessions between the teachers and the students.